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    Ready to buy a complete cargo bike or frameset?  It's not necessary to pay entirely up front. You can choose to pay an initial deposit and the rest later.  This deposit adds your bike to my build queue.  Extra accessories, components, and shipping can be settled when your frame is finished.  The remainder must be paid before I powder-coat your bike.  

    Lead time
    Bikes are ready to ship 6-12 weeks from the time deposit is received. Build times vary depending on my backlog, powder-coat time, etcetera. Contact me for a more accurate ETA. If you prefer to pay by check, tender payment to "CETMA Cargo". Feel free to contact me with any further questions.

    As of August, 2014, delivery time is approximately four months.

    Domestic shipping

    It costs about $300 to deliver a CETMA Cargo bike to your front door (in the continental US). This includes the cost of building the crate and packing the bike safely. I personally build all shipping crates and pack all bikes for shipping. You're welcome to make your own shipping arrangements.

    International shipping
    I'm willing to ship bikes anywhere. Email me for a shipping quote and include as much info about your destination as possible. Include your shipping address and commercial/residential status. It's cheaper to ship to a commercial address, so consider that. Are you seeking front door delivery? Can you pick up at the nearest international airport? Are you willing to wait a month for ocean shipping or do you seek faster service? All of these things affect the quote.  IMPORTANT:  Before ordering, consider your local import fees and sales taxes.

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