The CETMA Cargo bike is the perfect neighborhood family vehicle, providing practical transport to smart families everywhere.

CETMA Cargo bikes are handmade by one guy near Venice beach, Los Angeles.

Design Features

Bipartible frames
All CETMA Cargo bikes separate in the middle for shipping, storage, or travel. A complete bike can be separated and loaded into a car in a few minutes.  I recently delivered three complete cargo bikes by car to Austin.  This feature is incredibly useful and worth considering when buying a large cargo bike like this.

Three sizes
CETMA Cargo bikes are available in three sizes: Margo, Largo, and Hugo.  The cockpits are identical.

The difference is significant, affecting handling, turning radius, stiffness, and weight.  The Margo is lighter, turns tighter, and is stiffer than the Largo.  The Largo offers more flex and cargo space.  The Hugo is big enough for THIS.

Note: Email me for additional info regarding Hugo. Information regarding this bike has not been posted to this website yet.

Flat-bed Platforms
CETMA Cargo bikes can be used as a box-bike or flat-bed.  Plug in any container you want.  This feature makes CETMA Cargo bikes extremely versatile.
CETMA bikes are available in one size only.  They
 can generally accommodate riders between 5' and 6'5".  Note that the steer mast is vertical, so raising the seat opens the cockpit more than a "regular" bike.
NuVinci hubs
All CETMA Cargo bikes are built with the incredible NuVinci internally-geared hub, which replaces the cassette and derailer and puts all the mechanics inside.  This hub uses no gears, only ball-bearings to "shift", providing a unique, infinitely variable transmission that must be experienced to understand.

Accessories/Popular add-ons

CETMA Cargo boxes are made from Baltic Birch plywood.  The joints are adhered with waterproof glue and screwed together with coated screws.  They're sanded smooth and delivered bare, without any finish.  All boxes are made by me.  All hardware is included.  Boxes cost $300.  A bench can be added for $40 extra.  I can provide seat belts, too.  Just ask.
Stokemonkey e-assist
I recommend the incredible Stokemonkey e-assist system for CETMA Cargo bikes. Contact me to discuss details.
Rain Canopies
CETMA's rain canopies are made by Blaq Design in Portland, Oregon.  I have met these guys, visited their shop, and installed their rain covers.  I recommend Blaq Design's rain covers for my bikes.  Rain canopies are $300.
Rear Racks
Rear racks are welded to the bike, so this accessory must be called for when the bike is being constructed.  The platform measures 13" x 7".  They're pannier compatible.  Rear racks like these are $200.  
Coming soon: bolt-on rear racks similar to the one pictured here.

Frame only Wheelbase (hub-hub) Width Weight (frame only)

82" 27" 50lbs.

76" 21" 40lbs.


CETMA Cargo bikes are sold with the parts listed below and are delivered mostly assembled.  I can make reasonable and minor substitutions at your request.  Some items are subject to comparable substitutions based on availability.  
FSA Metropolis 170mm, 45t
Bottom bracket FSA (118 mm)
Rear hub NuVinci (black or silver)
Front hub SRAM D-7 Dynamo
Brakes Avid BB7
Levers Avid FR-5
Headset (front) FSA The Pig DH Pro (black or silver)
Headset (rear) FSA The Pig (black or silver)
FSA Metropolis (black or silver)
FSA Metropolis (black or silver)
Rims Sun Rhyno Lite (26" rear, 20" front)
Pedals Wellgo platforms
Tires Schwalbe Marathon (1.5" or your choice)
WTB Speed V Comp
Post Summit 28.6mm

Four compelling reasons to choose a CETMA cargo bike for passenger transport.

A front-loading cargo bike is particularly suitable for young passenger transport.  Here's why:

1. Passengers sit low to the ground in a protected box, away from the chain and/or rear spinning wheel.  They don't straddle the bike and there's no chance of them falling off when they're seated.  Additionally, they're comfortable--there's plenty of room to move around or sleep.  Add blankets, snacks, toys, and even a rain cover.

2. Passengers are always in safe view of the driver.  It's easy to interact and enjoy the ride together this way, and the driver doesn't need to twist around for a visual check.

3. The bike's low center of gravity means stable handling--the bike never feels top-heavy or tippy.  Balancing the bike even when riders are wiggling around is a breeze.

4.  All CETMA Cargo bikes are built with the kickstand at the driver's feet (where it should be), so it's easy to deploy without moving from the driving position.  This is an extremely important factor rarely mentioned in cargo bike discussions.  It's almost impossible to tip over a CETMA Cargo bike when the kickstand is deployed.