This is the CETMA HALFrack, designed for your benefit and mine.  



The tubes have been reoriented to intersect at 90-degrees, minimizing complex mitering while simultaneously widening the pannier hangers a little.  It's easier to make now, so I'm lowering the price from $220 to $180.  Okay with you?




The HALFrack is built to fit almost any bike.  It attaches to your axle and brake hole and compatible with all brake styles.  It doesn't attach to your handlebar like the 5-rail, so it's great for old farts like me with high bars.  Look at this ridiculousness:

Platform dimensions: 11" x 11"
Max weight: 30ish lbs.



Bonus: All HALFracks are built with this gusset thing at the bottom.  It's a good place to hook a bungee or add a light mount thing if you want a secondary place to attach a headlight.  Okay.