Cargo bike sale!


October was the worst month of all time, explained in this blog post two days ago. To celebrate the end of October, I'm having a sale on cargo bikes. There are many good reasons for doing this, but the primary one is that October is finished and it can kiss my butt!


Beginning November 1, $300 off all complete CETMA cargo bikes and framekits sold or deposited for in November. Enter "November" discount code at checkout. Bikes sold in November include the changes described below.

Note: This discount also applies to any bike customer already in my build queue.


Four new changes coming to CETMA cargo bikes:

Abus frame lock orange bike

1. All CETMA bikes are now equipped with Abus frame locks. Last week, a Vancouver CETMA owner had their locked bike stolen from their backyard. A thief dragged their bike away and then abandoned it after failing to open the lock. A day later, cops found the bike nearby and returned it to the owners. Last year (IN OCTOBER!) my cargo bike was stolen the same way. It was found around the corner with the Abus frame lock still hanging on. These locks are so practical and inexpensive, they'll now be on every CETMA bike. NOTE: from now until January, frame locks will attach with rubber-cushioned stainless p-clips. Beginning Jan.1, they'll bolt to welded tabs on the bike frame.


avid 200mm rotor

2. Every CETMA bike now gets Avid 200mm disc rotors. Better stopping power, more leverage, and cooler temps. Easy peasy.



3. I'm omitting the tie-down hooks from CETMA frames. According to my exhaustive scientific survey, these hooks are redundant because tie-down straps can simply be looped around the perimeter of the frame platform. I've added more gap between the frame and platform, so any tie-down strap will fit through. Besides, most CETMA bikes have passenger boxes attached, so the hooks aren't used. NOTE: Factoring the combined time, money, and labor required to weld these hooks to the frame, omitting them will justify the above two improvements without changing the price of the bike.


CETMA box panels

4. It's time: CETMA wood passenger box panels are now made by a robot. I used to enjoy cutting, routing, and sanding these myself, but it's a massive bottleneck and laughably time-consuming. Robots do it better, faster, and cheaper than me, so this is another justifiable improvement. Also, passenger seat belts will anchor to the box through slots instead of nuts and bolts, so they'll be removable without tools. I don't have a picture of that yet.

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  • Clint says...

    A huge security upgrade to include framelocks on your bikes. I always suggest framelocks for new cargo bikes. Recent events make it clear that they’re essential!

    November 01, 2016

  • Kdub says...

    Those improvements seem very useful and a positive addition to an already sweet cargo traveler.
    Keep up the Hard Work
    Mr Kagay

    November 01, 2016

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