3 new features for CETMA rack customers

I'm initiating a few big improvements for my online CETMA customers. These changes will make my job easier and simultaneously save customers significant money. Keep reading.

1. Tiered price structure. Now when you order a 5-rail rack, you can choose a shipping time and the price will change accordingly. This will help me juggle schedules, prioritize asap shipments, and give customers an opportunity to save money if the order isn't a rush. See the boring chart below. Note: Half racks and cargo bikes will soon have the same pay structure.


1 week or less 3 weeks or less 6 weeks or less
clear-coated $170 $160 $140
black $150 $140 $120
uncoated $140 $130 $110



2. All 5-rail racks now ship with both sets of handlebar brackets--standard and oversized--for no extra charge. Customers won't need to guess which size they'll need, and can have an extra set for future handlebar changes. This will also simplify the packaging process for me because I won't need to spend time remembering who ordered what.


3. Beginning now, 5-rails can be purchased with both sets of stays--eyelet and axle mount--at a discount. This is a minor but valuable tweak. Many customers ask which is better--now they can get both types in the same package for only ten bucks more.

Wald handlebar brackets are still available, sold separately HERE.

Okay, that's all. I aim to improve always and keep CETMA flexible. I'll consider the above changes a trial deal. Feedback welcome, THANK YOU.


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  • Stefan says...

    Hey Lane,
    thank you for that information and the refunding of the extra money! Can you send me a tracking ID of the package to my mailadress as soon as it is on its way to germany?

    Kind regards again,

    January 04, 2017

  • Lane says...

    Hi, yes, Stefan, these new features affect all orders new and pending. I included both stays and brackets and refunded the extra money you paid for them. Excuse me for not replying faster. THANK YOU!

    January 03, 2017

  • Stefan says...

    Do these new features also affect old orders placed prior to that change? I placed the order #2137 on the 26.10.2016 and it hasn’t been shipped until now and ordered both replacement stays handlebar bracket options. Please contact me. I also wrote you an email and via Facebook.

    Kind regards from Germany,

    January 03, 2017

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