CETMA Cargo bikes

The perfect vehicle for family fun, kid carrying, and neighborhood errands.  
CETMA Cargo bikes are made in Venice Beach, California.

A CETMA cargo bike, mom carrying son in Burbank, CA. CETMA cargo bike hauling kegs of beer.


Design Features:

CETMA cargo bike, bi-partible frame for shipping, travel, and storage.

Bi-partible frames
All CETMA bikes separate in the middle for shipping, storage, or travel. The frames can be bi-parted in a few minutes with simple tools. This feature makes them easy to fit in a car for travel. CETMA bikes are shipped this way.


 CETMA cargo bike, versatile family bike with removable box.

Removable passenger box
The open cargo area allows for a variety of uses. CETMA bikes can be used as a flat-bed for over-sized cargo, or any container can be plugged in. Attachment points on the frame make it easy.


CETMA cargo bike with eccentric bottom brackets for Alfine, NuVinci, or Rohloff internal gear hubs.

Eccentric bottom brackets
All CETMA bikes are built with eccentric bottom brackets, expanding the rider's choice of external derailer or internal-geared hubs. The eccentric bottom brackets on CETMA bikes are built by Co-Motion Cycles in Oregon, USA. 


Third-party add-ons: 

CETMA cargo bike with Stokemonkey e-assist.

Stokemonkey electric-assist
CETMA recommends the incredible Stokemonkey e-assist system for CETMA Cargo bikes. They're tough, efficient, engineered for heavy cargo bikes, and produced by Vancouver's Grin Technologies. CETMA Cargo's owner, Lane Kagay, uses a Stokemonkey on his personal CETMA bike daily. Click HERE for the Stokemonkey website.


CETMA cargo bike, family bike for kid carrying, with rain canopy from BlaqPaks in Portland, OR.

Rain canopies
BlaqPaks in Portland, Oregon make excellent rain canopies for CETMA bikes. Their smart design allows maximum protection from the elements and an open back for ventilation and passenger access.  Side snaps release the spring-loaded shell for loading and unloading. Brilliant. Click HERE for the Blaq Paks website.


Abus frame lock

Abus frame locks
This is a very useful accessory, highly recommended for short-term locking. It's permanently attached to the frame, ready when you need it. Especially suitable for heavy cargo bikes which can't be easily carried away by a thief.


Frame specifications

 Length Width Weight
82" (208cm) 27" (69cm) 39lbs. (17kg)

CETMA Cargo bikes are equipped with the parts listed below.  Requests for substitutions are happily accommodated when possible.

Crank FSA Metropolis 170mm, 45t
Bottom bracket FSA (118 mm)
Rear wheel (internal-gear hub) NuVinci hub, Rhyno Lite rim
Rear wheel (external 10-speed) Soma hub, Soma rim (machined walls)
Derailer/shifter SRAM X7 (10-speed)
Front wheel (dynamo) SP PD-8 Dynamo, Rhyno Lite rim
Front wheel (standard) Soma hub, Soma rim (machined walls)
Brakes Avid BB7
Headsets FSA The Pig Pro (sealed bearings) (black or silver)
Handlebar FSA Metropolis (black or silver)
Stem FSA Metropolis (black or silver)
Tires Schwalbe Marathon (1.5")
Saddle WTB Speed V Comp
Seat post Summit 28.6mm
Fenders Planet Bike

Why a CETMA Cargo bike?

CETMA cargo bike in Portland, Oregon.

1. Passengers sit low to the ground in a protected box, away from the wheels. There's plenty of room for blankets, snacks, or toys.  Cozy!


CETMA cargo bike at Venice Beach, CA.

2. Passengers are always in safe view of the driver.


CETMA cargo bike, TCB Courier in San Francisco, CA.

3. The low center of gravity means stable handling.  It's easy to balance.


CETMA cargo bike in Ashland, OR.

4. The kickstand is at the driver's feet and easy to deploy. It's almost impossible to tip over a CETMA Cargo bike when the kickstand is in place.


Shipping/Lead times:

Shipping and handling costs are not included in the price of the bike.  Domestic shipping cost for CETMA bikes is around $300. Upon receipt, some basic assembly is required.

You are welcome to make your own shipping arrangements or pick up your bike in person.  

Shipping a CETMA cargo bike.


CETMA cargo bike crate shipping.

International shipping

CETMA can ship anywhere. Request a shipping quote and include as much info about your destination as possible. Include your mailing address and commercial/residential status. Are you seeking front door delivery? Can you pick up at the nearest international airport? All of these things affect the quote.


Lead times

Lead time is generally ten weeks. Build times vary depending on my backlog, powder-coat time, etcetera. COMING SOON: Premium lightening-fast turnaround. CETMA bikes built in one day, shipped within five days. Send an email if you're interested in this. More info coming.