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Colored CETMA racks coming...


starting with green

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New CETMA rack!

bolt-on stays for travel/shipping
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Blaqpaks from Portland, Oregon

solid creators and longtime #CETMAfamily
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Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs CETMA family
longtime #CETMAfamily.
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SALE! 10% off everything

CETMA sale ends October 31enter "October" at checkout.
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CETMA is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. All CETMA products are made by hand at CETMA headquarters. CETMA is mostly a one-man operation.

Lane Kagay, CETMA cargo owner

CETMA is operated by Lane Kagay, ex-bike messenger from Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco (2001-2006). CETMA began as a hobby in San Francisco, producing front racks for fellow messengers. Later, Lane moved CETMA to Oregon and added cargo bikes to the CETMA lineup.

welding at CETMA headquarters

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