5-rail CETMA rack



Optional prices - pay what you want

CETMA racks are available via a tiered, "pay what you want" price structure. This is a way to adjust for rising costs by offering customers a chance to pay more if they want while keeping the same prices for those who don't. There are no differences in the product quality or delivery time. The construction, packaging, and shipping times are equal: typically 1-2 business days.


"A bike with no rack is like pants without pockets." -me

A low center of gravity, solid construction, and practical design make CETMA racks an ideal alternative to the popular standard of top-heavy baskets and inferior rear-mounted racks. 

CETMA racks are compatible with most bikes--no drilling, sizing, or customizing is necessary. The stays can attach to your axle or eyelets. They assemble quickly with basic tools and all hardware is included. 5-rail and 3-rail CETMA racks ship with two sets of different-sized handlebar brackets for maximum versatility.

CETMA racks are handmade in the USA. They're made of steel and built for daily abuse. They were originally conceived and designed by messengers for real-life courier work and utility. CETMA racks are continually tested by messengers worldwide who use them for work. CETMA racks are not trendy toys for your static show bike. 

CETMA racks are used by a lot of people. You can find CETMA racks on the streets of Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Quebec, Mexico City, Brazil, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Geneva,  Germany, Tokyo, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Shanghai, and every state of the totally awesome USA.


 Four compelling reasons for using a front rack:

1. The rear wheel is inherently weaker than the front wheel due to its asymmetrical build, offset hub, and torque input.

2. The rear part of the frame is where almost all frames break. The thin chain stays and seat stays are notorious weak spots.

3. Carrying weight on a rear rack makes the entire bike feel unstable and top-heavy. Put a heavy box on a rear rack and try to ride down the street. The entire frame flexes and the bike tries to lay down. Come to a stop and it gets downright scary. Transporting that box becomes a precarious balancing act.  It's easier to handle cargo when it's up front near your hands.

4. Rear-loaded freight remains behind you while you ride (duh), and you can't see if it's shifting or about to fall. It's easier to keep an eye on cargo when it's in front of you.


Platform dimensions:  11" x 11".

Weight capacity:  60-ish pounds, probably more. I've carried friends on mine.

Compatibility: Fits bikes with average handlebar height. If the distance from the top of your front tire to your handlebar is over 12 inches, longer stays are available if you ask - just include a note in the "additional comments" section of the order form.

5-rail racks include two sets of handlebar brackets: a set for 25.4 mm handlebars and another set for 31.8 mm handlebars.


CETMA 5-rails in production  clear-coated CETMA racks

CETMA racks are available with black, clear powder-coat, custom colors, or no coating at all (bare metal). Racks are powder-coated in-house.

Regarding new color options:  As of 5/20/24, available colors are: 
bright blue (RAL 5012)
dark green
neon pink

If you'd like your rack coated in one of these colors, choose the "clear-coat or custom color" coating choice when you order, and then tell me what you want in the order form text box (or email or text me). I'll touch base with you when I receive your order to confirm your choice. I'm also happy to order special colors for you - just ask.


axle stays   CETMA rack with eyelet stays

CETMA racks can attach to axle or eyelet. Choose either or both when you order.

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