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Attention, Los Angeles: CETMA seeking new workspace.

The building I currently call headquarters is getting a renovation, so it's time for CETMA to move. Good timing, I need a larger shop anyway. CETMA needs a new home. 500 square-feet minimum. I'm not picky about location, but westside would be best. I'm willing to share with the right person/people/weirdo....

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Clear-coated 5-rails now in stock

Very limited supply of clear-coated 5-rails now in stock.  Get 'em now, these will be gone by tomorrow. EDIT:  Sold out.

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CETMA Cargo, New York Times

Laura Moser wrote an article for The New York Times about cargo bikes and included a hefty CETMA mention, site link, and photo.   The main photo features the Hoverman family (Berkeley, CA) and their CETMA Hugo.  Very cool, thank you, Laura and the Hoverman family!The NY Times story is...

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CETMA Cargo is a one-man-show, owned and operated by Lane Kagay.  CETMA began in 2006 when Lane worked as a bike messenger in San Francisco. He needed a reliable way to carry heavy boxes, so he created a simple front rack. Later, after moving to Oregon, Lane teamed up with a local fabricator to produce cargo bikes. 

"I'm Lane Kagay, the person behind CETMA. I build cargo bikes and racks for bicycles. Almost everything is done by me, from building this website to welding, assembly, and shipping. Occasionally I get help, but for the most part, CETMA is a one-man-show.   I live at the beach with my wife. I have a small shop near the ocean, building racks and cargo bikes full time. Life is good here."

CETMA Cargo (mailing address only)
17250 Sunset Blvd. #301
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Email - The best way to contact me.  Brief is best.

Phone - 541-515-3936.  Reach me in the mornings, text anytime.  Halting my work to answer the phone isn't always convenient.  Nothing personal.

Miscellaneous - On weekends I "unplug" and work on things without electronic distraction. I usually turn the ringer off beginning Saturday morning. That said, I make an effort to return any incoming weekend messages asap.