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CETMA Handlebar Ashtray

Smoking while biking, a casual symbol of citizen-biking for utility. A subtle yet potent reminder that bikes are ordinary machines, not necessarily for health-fetishists or tedious political exhibitionism.  Introducing the CETMA Cargo handlebar ashtray, a conceptual nod to the ultimate symbol of utility cycling for the everyman.  

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CETMA's newest co-pilot

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to welcome CETMA's new co-pilot, Emerald: established artist, comedian, and new pro welder.Emerald is a fitting addition to this shop. Not only a great welder, but a wise woman with an extremely varied background. A happy new chapter begins. Cheers, Emerald! Here is Emerald's personal...

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Happy Birthday, CETMA.


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CETMA Cargo is a one-man-show, owned and operated by Lane Kagay.  CETMA began in 2006 when Lane worked as a bike messenger in San Francisco. He needed a reliable way to carry heavy boxes, so he created a simple front rack. Later, after moving to Oregon, Lane teamed up with a local fabricator to produce cargo bikes. 

"I'm Lane Kagay, the person behind CETMA. I build cargo bikes and racks for bicycles. Almost everything is done by me, from building this website to welding, assembly, and shipping. Occasionally I get help, but for the most part, CETMA is a one-man-show.   I live at the beach with my wife. I have a small shop near the ocean, building racks and cargo bikes full time. Life is good here."

CETMA Cargo (mailing address only)
14034 Marquesas Way, Suite D
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Email - The best way to contact me.  Brief is best.

Phone - 541-515-3936.  Reach me in the mornings, text anytime.  Halting my work to answer the phone isn't always convenient.  Nothing personal.

Miscellaneous - On weekends I "unplug" and work on things without electronic distraction. I usually turn the ringer off beginning Saturday morning. That said, I make an effort to return any incoming weekend messages asap.