Marginally Important News

Install instructions for CETMA racks

Wasted paper, online only now.
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One man's trash... another man's lamp shade.
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The morning commute

I don't miss Oregon.
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Stolen CETMA foundBizarre circumstances. It's a mystery.
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Stolen bike search continues, but...

enough obsessing, back to work.
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CETMA Cargo is operated by Lane Kagay, ex-bike messenger from Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco (2001-2006).

CETMA began as a hobby in San Francisco, 2004, building front racks for fellow messengers. Later, Lane/CETMA moved to Oregon and began making cargo bikes.

CETMA headquarters is now located four blocks from the sunny beach in Venice, California. Lane builds front racks and cargo bikes full-time. 

CETMA Cargo (mailing address only)
17250 Sunset Blvd. #323
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Email - The best way to contact me.  Brief is best.

Phone - 541-515-3936.  Reach me in the mornings, text anytime.  Halting my work to answer the phone isn't always convenient.  Nothing personal.

Miscellaneous - On weekends I "unplug" and work on things without electronic distraction. I usually turn the ringer off beginning Saturday morning. That said, I make an effort to return any incoming weekend messages asap.