I'm Lane Kagay, the person behind CETMA.  I build cargo bikes and racks for bicycles. Almost everything is done by me, from building this website to welding, assembly, and shipping. Occasionally I get help, but for the most part, CETMA is a one-man-show.

CETMA began in 2006 while working as a bike messenger in San Francisco.  I needed a reliable way to carry heavy boxes, so I created a simple front rack.  Later, after moving to Oregon, I teamed up with a local fabricator to produce cargo bikes.

Now I live in Venice, California with my wife.  I have a small shop near the beach, building racks and cargo bikes full time.  Life is good here. 


CETMA Cargo 
21 Thornton Ave. #16
Venice, CA  90291

Email - Lane@CETMAcargo.com
Phone - 541-515-3936

Email - The best way to contact me.  Brief is best.
Incoming emails are answered as soon as possible, usually by the end of the day.  If your email doesn't require an urgent reply, let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as it's convenient.

Phone - Reach me in the mornings, text anytime.
Halting my work to answer the phone isn't always convenient. It's best to call during weekday mornings when I'm sitting at my computer answering emails. You can also text me, but please keep it short--I'm not a teenager and don't like to tap textese in2 my fone all day long LOL. 

Mail - Send mail but don't come over.
I love getting mail. Send mail to the address above and I'll write you back. The mailing address above is my personal residence and not where I work.

On weekends I like to "unplug" and work on things without electronic distraction. I usually turn the ringer off beginning Saturday morning. That said, I make an effort to return any incoming weekend messages asap. Emails and voicemails are usually answered Monday morning.