Lane Kagay, CETMA cargo owner

CETMA Cargo is operated by Lane Kagay, ex-bike messenger from Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco (2001-2006). CETMA is mostly a one-man operation.

CETMA headquarters is located in Venice Beach, California. All CETMA products are made by hand at CETMA headquarters in Venice Beach, California.

From Lane: "My biological father is a gear-head, my step-father was an artist. Before I started CETMA, I was a roofer, construction journeyman, art gallery preparator, welder, metal fabricator, and bike messenger."

CETMA began as a hobby in San Francisco, 2004, building front racks for fellow messengers. Later, Lane moved CETMA to Oregon and began making cargo bikes.

welding at CETMA headquarters

Email - Lane@CETMAcargo.com. The best way to contact me.  Brief is best, but I'm happy to correspond and answer your questions. Don't hesitate to write.

Phone - 541-515-3936.  Reach me in the mornings, text anytime.  Halting my work to answer the phone isn't always convenient.  Nothing personal.

Miscellaneous - On weekends I "unplug" and work on things without electronic distraction. I usually turn the ringer off beginning Saturday morning. That said, I make an effort to return any incoming weekend messages asap.