New price program: pay what you want.

I'm modifying the tiered-price system so you can "pay what you want".

For many years CETMA racks were buyable on a tiered-price system: urgent orders cost more than less urgent orders. I initiated this system to help manage my production schedule because powder-coating required bulk minimums and uncertain turnaround times which complicated things.


Since I began powder-coating my own racks earlier this year, the tiered-price system based on shipping times has become obsolete because all racks now ship within a day or two of ordering. However, my overhead costs have risen - steel prices, utility costs, and rent have gone up - costs which must be recouped.

So instead of raising prices, I'm going to try an experiment: the lowest-tier price for a black CETMA rack will stay the same at $120, but there will now be two higher prices you may choose if you want as a sort of gratuity. My intuition tells me there will be a percentage of customers that won't mind paying extra and that will adequately offset my higher overhead costs. We will see.

There will be zero differences in the qualities of the rack or the time it takes to ship it: the construction, packaging, and service is equal.

Old pricing program - black 5-rail
6-week delivery $120
3-week delivery $140
1-week delivery $150

New pricing program - black 5-rail
Basic $120
Thanks $150
Thanks a lot $170
I don't know how this will go, but I'll try it for a while and see. I'll post an update in the near future and let you know. THANK YOU.