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CETMA racks for Blue Lug Bikes in Tokyo, Japan

Ten CETMA racks for Blue Lug
CETMA racks coming to Blue Lug, Tokyo.
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New CETMA patches incoming - ETA early January

CETMA patch
CETMA patches incoming!
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New price program: pay what you want.

New experiment, choose your price
New experiment:
Choose your price

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Blaqpaks from Portland, Oregon

solid creators and longtime #CETMAfamily
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Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs CETMA family
longtime #CETMAfamily.
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Making babies, moving CETMA, bikes on sale!

October...and good riddance, October! 
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Stolen CETMA found - thanks to a frame lock

Stolen CETMA found

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Thank you, superdad, Todd Consentino

Todd Consentino cargo bike videoWatch this video right no
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Thank you, #cetmafamily

Thank you and Happy New Year, #cetmafamily.
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Stolen bike search continues, but...

enough obsessing, back to work.
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