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New price program: pay what you want.

New experiment, choose your price
New experiment:
Choose your price

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It's good to be alive, yes?

Colored racks
good health
new fuel

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Today's work - Sunday

Diary entry
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Cleaning a HALFrack after welding

This ain't only about stacking dimes.
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New CETMA rack!

bolt-on stays for travel/shipping
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Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs CETMA family
longtime #CETMAfamily.
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When the customer asks for a unicorn...

unicorn drawing on boxthey get it.
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Light Mount Things

Light mount thingscoming soon
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New CETMA fridge magnets

CETMA buttons and fridge magnetssoon available, free with all rack orders
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CETMA rack sale - 20% off

CETMA rack salesale ends Monday.
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