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New price program: pay what you want.

New experiment, choose your price
New experiment:
Choose your price

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It's good to be alive, yes?

Colored racks
good health
new fuel

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Cleaning a HALFrack after welding

This ain't only about stacking dimes.
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Country Music, Little Baby Ducks.

Tom T Halland onions
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Making babies, moving CETMA, bikes on sale!

October...and good riddance, October! 
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Thank you, superdad, Todd Consentino

Todd Consentino cargo bike videoWatch this video right no
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I was a guest on the Beast On The Road Podcast

Beast on the Road PodcastListen here
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Building a system, not bikes

CETMA cargo bike flanges squareWheels, flexibility, and snowballing progress
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New production system inspired by Amish barn raisers and punk rock

CETMA cargo bike kid carrier Cargo bikes built in one day, minimal effort
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New production system coming soon

Inspiration: punk rock, Formula One pit stop crews, Ray Kroc, Lean Manufacturing, Michael Gerber, and Henry Rollins.
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