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CETMA's newest co-pilot

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to welcome CETMA's new co-pilot, Emerald: established artist, comedian, and new pro welder.

Emerald is a fitting addition to this shop. Not only a great welder, but a wise woman with an extremely varied background. A happy new chapter begins. Cheers, Emerald!

Here is Emerald's personal website:
Here's her bio:

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CETMA is Hiring

CETMA's looking to hire someone great: a mechanically-inclined welder to enthusiastically head my CETMA rack department. The ideal person will be Andrew W.K..

You don't need to be a pro, but some MIG welding and general metalwork experience is necessary.

Facts about this position: It's a lot of easy work in a small but well-organized shop for an easy going and generous person with high standards and punk/DIY ethics. This is a paid position with a flexible schedule and many bonuses. It's a good job, really.

The ideal person will be a punctual west-side resident with a sense of humor and shared cultural views. I'm open minded, but this probably won't work if you're a total spazz or show up in flip-flops or are a personification of Bert from Sesame Street.

Interested people should contact me via email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, everyone!

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Cheers to the great Matthew Moore!

Until last month, Matt worked here at CETMA headquarters, building racks while I made bikes and bored him to tears with the same stories over and over again. Matt recently moved to soggy Portland, Oregon--probably to get as far from those boring stories as possible.

Over the course of a year, Matt really knocked it out of the park. He became an excellent welder and seemed happy to work hard for all the right reasons. We recently calculated that he built over 400 5-rails and 100 HALFracks during his time here.

Matt was a huge improvement to CETMA. He streamlined production and was responsible for improving the HALFrack with smart redesigns. He also became a good friend to have--we shared humor and certain cultural viewpoints, although Matt still maintains the unforgivable opinion that Disneyland sucks. Yeah, I know.

More importantly, Matt's a genuinely pleasant person to be around. He's conscientious and bright and affable. Despite this very small workshop, Matt was always easy to share the space with. I'm really sorry he's gone. Cheers to Matthew Moore, a champion co-pilot and swell fella!

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