Building a system, not bikes

CETMA cargo bike flangesStarting a new CETMA cargo bike. The last one was completed in less than two days, fairly quick for a bike like this. The goal is a 5-hour build and I'll get there.

I've been refining a fresh production system, a mix of batch-building and Lean Manufacturing. Channelling Henry Rollins and Ray Kroc. Parts bins and jigs are color-coded and single-purpose with minimal setup needed. Nearly everything in the shop is movable on wheels.

The bike frame assembly is divided into six parts, built sequentially, beginning with the simplest and finishing with the most complex. The process snowballs and flows. Measurements are rounded to whole numbers and the recipe is simple. Directions are posted in plain site, nothing to recall or guess. It's hard to screw up. Tubing is ordered in lengths that require minimal cutting.

Soon I'll bring people to work in tandem with me and these bikes will take only a few hours each to finish. Getting closer. Okay.