I got hurt, God bless doctors

laceration cleanupI was setting a fork race yesterday and the tool slipped and cut my hand.

While the accident was quick and painless, the impact was severe and the gash was totally gross. I could see deep inside my hand, the pink tissue mixed with wet grease and dirt. I stared for a second, and then the blood began to gush.

Since I felt no pain, I bandaged the wound and applied pressure, eager to stop the blood and resume work. My friend Casey insisted I needed pro help and drove me to the nearest doctor.

One hour, six stitches, and a tetanus shot later, I was on my way back to work.

Today is Sunday. I'm pain-pilling and answering emails at home. Back to work early tomorrow, stitches to be removed next week. God bless doctors, science, and thoughtful friends. Onward!

Gore below...









laceration before stitches


laceration after stitches