New CETMA headquarters found!

Last weekend I moved CETMA into its new Venice home, which is about a million times better than the old place.

CETMA's new headquarters resides in a warehouse 1000 feet from the beach and two blocks from this beautiful monster. The ceilings are high enough for a second level. Part of the roof is open, so the place receives natural light all day long. Birds fly through sometimes, and I swear you can smell the ocean water in the morning. The footprint is enormous compared to the tiny shop I've been squished into for the past two-and-a-half years. It feels weird to spread out.

A woodworker is moving in next door.

The neighborhood is varied and busy with tourists. Vice Magazine is down the street, Google and Linus Bikes are neighbors, and the "coolest block in America" (barf) is around the corner.

I've been unpacking and arranging this week. Today I'll anchor the tube-bender to the floor. I'll begin cutting tubes and welding a new batch of cargo bike frames this afternoon. This evening I'll have a beer. Full speed ahead. More to come...