CETMA is Hiring

CETMA is hiring.CETMA has a big new home in the heart of Venice Beach. I'm increasing production and eager to hire a bright co-pilot.

I'm looking for a mechanically-inclined welder to head the CETMA rack department, part-time during the week. The ideal person will be Andrew W.K. with MIG welding experience, a punctual west-side resident with a sense of humor and shared cultural views. 

This is easy work with many benefits (flexible schedule, cool location, minimal horseshit), but my standards are high and I'm not exactly into "chillaxin'". I’m open minded, but this probably won’t work if you’re a total spazz or show up in flip-flops or are a personification of Bert from Sesame Street.

Interested people should contact me via email at lane@cetmacargo.com. I'll answer every email and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, everyone!