Get Paid to Learn!

CETMA intern wanted.I need a part-time intern, a helper in the shop to mainly assist me with cutting, bending, and welding metal--ordinary metal shop stuff. This intern will also help with miscellaneous shop duties like assembly, shipping, and bike building, depending on experience. 

Ideally, this intern will have relevant knowledge, but attitude and personal compatibility are most important.

CETMA headquarters is located near the beach in sunny Venice, so this position is not recommended for sun-allergic goths, the sand-intolerant, or those with eremikophobia. Locals preferred.

This is a paid internship. Compensation will depend on experience, but I'm generous and eager to pay fairly. The hours are flexible, depending on your schedule, but my needs require at least two weekdays. Weekends and evenings = no good.

If you or someone you know is qualified for this internship, email me asap at I plan to begin interviewing the best applicants within the next week or so. I will answer all emails. Thank you!