Quick trip to Oregon

Oregon US map.Last week my wife and I flew to Oregon to see friends and handle business related things. We spent four days bouncing between Portland and Eugene. While this was technically a business trip, my wife thanked me for making it a real vacation by not using a paper bag for my luggage. 

I paid visits to Clever Cycles, Co-Motion Cycles, Blaq Paks, and my laser cutter, all longtime friends and business acquaintances. Even though I now live in Los Angeles, these companies and their operators are considered part of the extended CETMA family.

The best part was seeing customers and acquaintances that have become real friends over the years. Matt Case, Michael Pina, Shane MacRhodes, and Karl Benedek. A solid crew.

On Friday, my wife and I became nostalgic for Eugene and joked about moving back. The idea sounded good for a nanosecond, but unless it's possible to shorten the near-endless winters and nuke the unavoidable hippie-banjo-chillaxin scene, it appears CETMA, my wife, and I will remain at the California beach.