Today's work - Sunday

Ten CETMA racks

Today was productive, a good Sunday. I left home in the early morning while my wife slept. Stopped at the store to buy coffee and new insoles for my boots. It was sunny and cool.

At CETMA headquarters, I began building a batch of 5-rail racks. Deburred, sanded, cut, bent, and welded. It's a meditative process. Wireless earphones make the time fly. Feels good. Welded until 1pm.

I paused my work to eat lunch at a downtown pub. It's nice to sit in the sun. I also drank a cocktail and a lady across the street took a dump on the sidewalk wtf.

Returned to the shop and resumed work.

After the racks were built, they're cleaned and degreased and prepared for shipping. This step takes almost as long as the construction. Simple Green removes the oil, then I used a file to remove any weld debris. Finally, all surfaces were carefully shined with emery cloth and a clean rag.

Later, I met my friend, Daniel at a Karaoke bar and we talked for an hour or so. He's starting a Misfits cover band.

A good Sunday.