Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs CETMA racks

Tom Sachs is a New York artist who's been buying racks from me for almost a decade. Since early 2011 he's been incorporating CETMA racks into his exhibitions, pieces, works, installations, projects and happenings. It blows my mind and I'm grateful because I'm a fan of his.

Tom Sachs doesn't know this, but before I became familiar with his work I created some art objects which shared some aesthetics with his. One example is something I called Dull Novel, a book of handwritten rules and modern boring etiquette. See Tom Sachs' required viewing movie series called "10 Bullets."

 I don't know exactly how many CETMA racks Tom Sachs bought from me, but it's near twenty. Tom is one of the many people that I've established a friendly relationship with but whom I've never met. I like it that way. Thank you, Tom Sachs.