February updates


It's been a helluva couple months, but glorious, clear skies lay ahead. For those that don't know, for the past year, due to a family obligation, I've been working a full-time job in addition to CETMA duties, which put the clamps on my production to say the least. Long story short: I'm now back to CETMA full-time, full-speed, and it's good.

Big and good news:

1. I'm changing the way this website captures payments for racks. Beginning now, when you order a rack, my processor will authorize your payment, check that the funds are available, but won't capture any funds until your rack is ready to ship.

2. I'm having a sale. Enter "2021" for 20% off any and all racks. Sale ends February 10th at spooky midnight.

3. I will soon adjust my tiered pricing system for racks. The most probable change will be to reduce shipping delivery time from three to two choices. Eventually - likely in February - all racks will regularly ship within a few days.

Thank you, everyone. More positive goodness coming soon.