New CETMA rack!

Hey, kids, the CETMA HALFrack has a new design element.  This is a change I've been putting off for a long time but now available thanks to the encouragement of my friend in Los Angeles, Iggy.

Iggy wanted a rack that could be flattened for easy travel. Until now, all CETMA HALFracks had been constructed with stays welded on, a feature which made for a 3000 cubic-inch shipping hassle. This new rack occupies a mere 528 cubic-inches. Look:


The new HALFrack has bolt-on stays, so it's flatable, packable, easy to ship, and provides maximum fun with zero carbs and no gluten. Additionally, it's cruelty free, fire resistant, vegan, non GMO, sans judgement, Christian, optimistic, totally gutter-punk, very evil, kinda special, a little slutty, pretty loyal, honestly metal, and possibly likely to outlive one-hundred percent of every crappy fixie sold in your neighborhood this year.

This new rack will be available in a day or so. If you're on the waiting list for a rack, I'll soon send you an email with the option to upgrade to this for no extra cost. Thanks for the nudge, Iggy Cortes!