Making babies, moving CETMA, bikes on sale!


October is over and I couldn't be happier. This month sucked in almost every way.

Beginning early, October hurled an unrelenting succession of misfortunes at me: bad news, major mechanical failures, my wife in a bad car accident, daily blunders, and a stream of flat tires which compounded and grew into an utterly perfect cosmic shitstorm. Then, late last week, the Gods flipped a switch and everything seemed to go back to normal. What the hell?

Fortunately I'm a resilient optimist and recognize good things. Big events happen in clusters and there are a mountain of them happening now. Bring it on, universe.

1. My wife and I decided to make babies. During a recent trip to Hawaii, the topic became a romantic dare between us. Neither of us are backing down, so it's on. I'll have a vasectomy reversal in two weeks. My wife is a twelve-year childcare professional and I build family cargo bikes for a living--DUH.

2. CETMA is moving to Eugene, Oregon next spring. You heard me. LA beach life is paradise for us DINKs, but with kids coming, it's a justifiable trade for the small-town pastoral life, friends, family, and living standards of familiar Eugene.

3. For the first time in four years, my bike build queue is down to a handful of bikes. This is a milestone, since orders increased dramatically in 2016. I owe this to outsourcing my passenger box production, hiring good helpers, and continually trimming fat. If all goes well, November/December will be CETMA's best months in many years.

In celebration of October's end, I'm announcing a sale on CETMA cargo bikes coming November 1st. Details coming in a blog post on Tuesday, November 1.