Stolen CETMA found - thanks to a frame lock

Two days ago, this new CETMA cargo bike was stolen from a back yard in Vancouver, BC. The bike was outfitted with a Stokemonkey e-assist, a BlaqPaks rain cover, and an Abus frame lock.

Stolen CETMA found

 The owner was devastated. In an email, she expressed pessimism about ever seeing her family's bike again. Although the Abus frame lock had been locked around the rear wheel, the bike was nonetheless gone.

Yesterday, local police found the stolen Vancouver CETMA. There was significant damage to some components, but the Abus frame lock remained secured to the back wheel.

Abus frame lock

Last year, my personal cargo bike was stolen from my workshop parking lot and quickly found nearby with the frame lock still attached. The thief couldn't remove it and abandoned the bike. Story here:

Abus lock pink bike